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  • Guang Chen

5 things I wish I knew before my colonoscopy bowel preparation

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Good bowel preparation is essential to ensure proper inspection of the large intestine. Poor bowel preparation can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and missed pathology.

There are many different types of bowel preparations available. Brands may vary between countries. Your doctor will usually have a preferred type/brand and will give you instructions.

Here are five tips to keep in mind

  1. Follow the instructions carefully. Getting the right volumes is very important

  2. Keeping the preparation solution in the fridge may reduce the strong artificial smells

  3. Drinking through a straw rather than sipping can improve bowel preparation

  4. Keep well hydrated with additional water and fluids. Most bowel preparation solutions are sugar free. Some contain electrolytes to reduce dehydration.

  5. Getting a pack of soft baby wipes will keep your bottom happy!

Note: This post is for educational and entertainment purposes. For specific advice regarding your health and treatment, please speak to your doctor or specialist.

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