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Australia, we can do better! Less than half of National Bowel Cancer Kits are returned.

Participation in bowel cancer screening

In 2019–2020, based on preliminary data:
6.1 million people aged 50–74 were invited to participate in the NBCSP.
2.5 million people returned a completed bowel screening test.
The national rate was 41.6%.

Participation by sex and age

In 2019–2020, based on preliminary data:
Women had a higher participation rate than men (43.7% compared with 39.5%).
Those aged 70–74 years had the highest participation rate.

Participation by state/territory

In 2019-2020, based on preliminary data:
South Australia and Tasmania had the highest bowel screening participation rates for people aged 50–74 (47%).

Trends in participation

The national participation rate has increased from 38.9% of invited people aged 50–74 in 2014–2015 to 43.5% in 2018–2019 and fell to 41.6% in 2019–2020. It should be noted that since 2018 the program has widened its target ages resulting in a steady increase in the number of invitees over time

The above information was taken from Cancer screening programs: quarterly data July 2022

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