• Guang Chen

I have tummy pain, do I need to have endoscopy?

Updated: Mar 30

Let's begin by discussing what "endoscopy" is. Endoscopy is made up of "endon" which means inside (in Greek) and "scopein" which means watch (in Greek). Modern-day endoscopy involves the use of endoscopes (long tubes) attached to a processor/computer. The endoscopes can have various channels to allow light, air, water, instruments to pass in and out. These instruments can be inserted into many parts of the body including the nose, mouth, trachea, urethra, rectum. Endoscopes are designed to look at the inner lining of the organs that they pass through. Depending on the organ and type of endoscope, the specialist can take photographs, take samples and perform miniature procedures.

With regards to abdominal pain, gastrointestinal endoscopy forms a part of the diagnosis process (in addition to physical examination, blood tests and scans), especially to confirm or exclude certain conditions.

Speak to your specialist if you have more questions.

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