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Have a gluten free diet plan? Make sure you add these on your list

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Coeliac disease is a chronic autoimmune digestive disease that affects up to 1 in 70 Australian. It is the result of a body's abnormal immune reaction to chemicals (gluten) found in wheat, barley and rye. If left untreated, serious complications can occur with bone health, nutritional deficiencies, infections and certain cancers.

The diagnosis of coeliac disease is based on a combination of symptoms, blood tests and biopsy results.

Gluten free diet is the cornerstone of coeliac disease treatment. Only very small amounts of gluten are needed to cause symptoms and lead to complications.

Here are a few items to keep in mind: 1. Packaged foods that are made overseas may lack adequate labelling

2. Packages foods that contain ingredients made overseas may have gluten contaminants

3. Gluten is used as filler material for tablets and medications

4. Gluten is common in condiments and sauces

5. Eating out at restaurants can be tricky. Do your research ahead of time

6. Watch out of contamination in and around areas that are shared by different people. For example, bread boards, toasters and spreads are common areas that bread crumbs may be left behind.

For more information, check out Coeliac Australia

Note: This post is for educational and entertainment purposes. For specific advice regarding your health and treatment, please speak to your doctor or specialist.

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